Support Lantern Network & the renovation of POST

Send a check made out to Underground Network with "Lantern Network" in the memo line to: 

Underground Network PO Box 75157, Tampa FL 33675

Give online via PayPal or by setting up EFT:

*All gifts are tax-deductible 501c3

Funding Goals

Total Build Out and Renovation of POST as the building which will house The Lantern Network is $800,000.  We have secured $400,000 of this so we are hoping to raise the remaining $400,000 by May 1st. If we do not make this goal we will simply move slower, but enough funds are secured to get started. If we can raise the remaining $400,000 by May 1st we can make plans to open by September 1 of this year.

Any funds that exceed this amount will be invested into the anchor businesses (Coffee/Café/Events Center). 

Your Investment

By investing in the Lantern Network and the renovation of POST, here is what you are supporting:

  • The reclaiming of ancient spaces and urban redevelopment
  • A business incubator that will in turn incubate more businesses
  • A network of micro works all designed to create holistic city transformation
  • Racial reconciliation effort that actually has teeth to it.
  • Helping us model a new form of spiritual engagement and kingdom building.
  • Helping us learn and pioneer efforts that will be shared all over the world. 

What you get for supporting our story...

$0-49 Feel free to give any amount. Every penny is appreciated.
$50+ Flesh & Bivo Book Pack
$250+ 3 Pack – 3 of Hugh's books of your choice. Choices include Flesh, Brimstone, Gathered & Scattered Church, Tangible Kingdom, Sacrilege, TK Primer, Bivo, and Happy Hour
$500+ Incarnational Book Series – You get all 8 of Hugh's books.
$1000+ 1 Hour Coaching Call with Hugh regarding your own ideas and visions.
$2500+ On-site Team Coaching Experience – You and your friends can fly into St. Louis (at your own expense), and Hugh will give you a day to exegete our vision. You'll spend the day at The POST learning about our model, philosophies, business plan, etc. We hope this one day will help you get further down the road with your own vision. This also includes a private whiskey tasting at Hugh's personal Irish Bar.
$5000+ One-Day Training Event – Hugh will fly into your city and give you a full day of whatever you’d like him to do to encourage, train, or consult. You can actually charge ticket prices and even possibly make money on Hugh! This could be a private in-home event or a church-wide training for your entire church. *Continental US only.
$10,000+ Two-Day Training Event – Everything listed above, but you can plan two days of training. Any gift above $10,000 is the offer to make me an offer. You may have some creative way I can serve or encourage any efforts or visions you may have in your own town. *Includes international travel.
$25,000+ Lifetime Membership – You get anything listed above, and we’d like to offer you a PO Box with your name engraved on it. The old Post Office still has 192 bronzed mail box slots. We are going to offer local members a box for $2000 annually. With their annual membership they will get free coffee anytime they come in, as well as priority on using certain spaces in the building and getting swag we create for the businesses. We do want to reserve most of these for locals, but if you give $25,000 or above we will give you our own box with your name engraved, thanking you for your generous investment into this mission to our city. We will also be making a bronze plaque that will hang inside, telling the story of the individuals who made this entire story a reality. We’ll also keep you updated and send you swag and other gifts as the businesses flourish.