Our Story

Alton’s story is one of beauty and brokenness, of the yearning for freedom and the struggle against the current of history. It has been a city on a bluff to fugitive slaves as they walked across the frozen Mississippi, and it has been the post-industrial river town with deserted spaces and a depressed spirit. Alton has been the home of both the abolitionist Elijah P. Lovejoy and the mob that made him the first casualty of the Civil War; of both the Senator who helped write the 13th Amendment and the assassin of Dr. King, one of the Amendment’s greatest champions and prophets. Once a major port of entry for the Underground Railroad, Alton can again light the way to redemption. We offer this vision in the hope that out of this mysterious and even sacred space we call POST, a renewed movement of empowerment, transformation, healing, & enterprise can take root. 

Our Purpose

Micro Efforts: Benevolence initiatives that serve the common good at the intersection of personal transformation and community development. These efforts will include training and educational events to promote reconciliation, community listening and assessment projects, as well as citywide advocacy related to the underserved and under-resourced segments of our population.

Micro Businesses: Entrepreneurial ventures using profit for purpose. TLN will provide consulting, coaching, connection and strategic assessment through development services to encourage business incubation for those wishing to use profit for specific purposes of common good.

Micro Communities: Christo-Centric Communities of intentional mission and spiritual formation as well as community-based and led events for the city. We encourage, foster, and provide alternative spiritual communities for people that fall through the cracks of traditional or present paradigms of church.